Harrison & Clough Ltd -  REACH Declaration

It is our policy to make sure that we comply with legislative requirements and so we have implemented the requirements of REACH (EC 1907/2006).


We realise that these regulations will have a major impact on all manufactures, importers, distributors and downstream users in the European Union and the rest of the world and will require the collaboration of all participants in the supply and use of chemicals in the chain.


As a Distributor of some chemical based products we are classed as a downstream user of chemicals and as such we will not be registering any chemicals ourselves. However, we have assurances from our suppliers of chemical products, that there will be no cause for concern or interruptions of supply in regards to the products that we supply you with.


We have contacted all our suppliers of chemical based products and to our knowledgethe full range of products we supply are compliant under the Reach Directive.


We can confirm that no product’s that Harrison & Clough Ltd supply contain any substance in a greater concentration of  >0.1% by weight which is on the ECHA candidate list.


When we are informed of any changes to the Candidate List, we will check with our suppliers to identify any new items which are on the list and are contained in their products and the amount contained within the product.


We hope this information will satisfy any concerns that you have.



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